Reader writes open letter to Rep. Warren Davidson

To the Editor:

Your biography suggests a person of integrity, principles, and a respect for the institutions that have served this country so well since it’s inception. A person who recognizes the value of serving for the common good. But like so many others, you have abandoned those values, and possibly your moral compass as well, to enable and protect a man who is profoundly dishonest and dishonorable. A man who has defined service as self-promotion, self-enrichment, and now self-preservation, by any means, and at any cost. A man who is even a bigger threat to our way of government than the foreign adversary who worked to help his election.

In your position, you know this even more than those of us in the public at large. Yet, all but a scant few of you and your colleagues either aggressively attack the investigators, or say nothing at all. Some from fear, some from the intoxicating allure of unimpeded power, but alike in an unwillingness to stand up to what you must know is wrong.

But you all must know that the day will come when Trump and his lackey Barr will not have control of witnesses and documents, and when the full treachery of this presidency is laid bare under the cold, bright light of history, there will be no plausible denials, no place to hide, for those who could have worked to right the ship, and instead did nothing.

Think about it.

— Doug Smith