Resident disagrees with council’s decision

To the Editor:

The take I got from Monday nights council meeting was to hell with you citizens. You don’t count and we don’t care. Mr.

Busse keeps looking into the future, but refuses to look at the present. When he is projecting expenses on one project to be $500,000 to $3,000,000, that is a large estimate years down the road. So he wants to build funds for the future. That is all I heard, the future. It could be this or that. We don’t know.

Maybe we could take some of the money from the accounts that have a surplus, or the increases they passed to hire a fortune teller. It would be as good as Busse’s projections.

They need to concentrate on the citizens, businesses, and bringing in new ones, not destroying the present ones. As many feel and said “Shame on you, Covington Village Council.” All the voters need to take notice. We do not need these people running our town.

— Keith Brown