Vote Schilling for Troy City Council

To the Editor:

Spring has finally come. We can see the grass grow, hear the birds chirping at 5 a.m., the lawn mowers humming during the day and the sights of American democracy at work to the various political signs growing in yards throughout Troy. This leads to the purpose of this letter.

I am writing this letter in the hopes that you will vote for Jeff Schilling for city council, representing Troy’s 6th Ward.

Jeff came to Troy in 1968, when his parents move to Troy and his father took over as manager of the Troy J.C. Penney’s store. Jeff is a 1969 graduate of Troy High School. He attended Miami University starting in 1969, where he obtained a degree in history. After graduation, he studied store management at the J.C. Penney Company and worked there for five years. Subsequently, he married Jennifer Ingle of Troy and they have three girls who graduated from Troy.

I first met Jeff in 1978 when he provided my architectural firm with insurance services covering the business in health insurance for my employees. This continued until 1990. Since then, Jeff entered the field of financial consulting and investments until his recent retirement. As long as I have known Jeff, he has shown a strong and valued interest in the Troy community, especially in the hope for redevelopment of our downtown area. He will bring his background in financial services to the Troy City Council to assist in maintaining and improving the city’s financial and development status. Jeff thoroughly understands what is taking place in our community and his expertise in serving on council will help to bolster and improve many aspects of this community we all appreciate so much. Jeff is a talented individual, a family man and a person who holds community ideals close at heart.

Jeff’s wife, Jennifer, has worked in the Troy and Miami County School District for many years and has also contributed to the overall Troy community.

As a lifelong Troy resident and servant of this community on many occasions in an effort to improve Troy, as I am sure Jeff will do as he takes his seat on Troy City Council where he will perform an outstanding service as your councilman.

In closing, I and many other Trojans would ask you the voters of this community to vote for and elect Jeff Schilling as councilman for Ward 6 to advance our shared community interests and goals.

I look forward to you assisting Jeff by your vote this May.

— Joe Wagner