Vote no on Tipp Schools levy

To the Editor:

Tipp Schools are asking us to pay 5.4 mills on a 27-year bond. We are paying 3.89 mils on a levy for the new High School, with four years to go. We’re paying on a 2.0-mil permanent improvement levy expiring this year, meaning another levy in the fall. The emergency levy, 4.95 mil, expires next year. The operating levy 7.9 mil, expires in 2020. Count them — four new taxes the school is going to go after us for in less than two years, and a football stadium.

The taxpayers stood strong on the fact that we were not going to use school monies for the stadium because it was not on school property. Yet, the board took money they say came from Premier for athletics and paid $ 750,000 (that’s 10 years of money from Premier at $75,000 a year), that according to Superintendent Kumpf was a “donation” to Bruns Construction for the stadium. Request your copy of that contract from the school and see all the things the money is supposed to be used for. Premier already donated to the football stadium.

Look at the plans for the schools. Nine classrooms per grade level. The state figures on the minimum of 25 kids per classroom, we put 20-21. They said we could fit junior high kids into the high school. LT Ball was built to hold 800. This is an overbuild just like the high school was. If you vote yes you are uneducated about the shadiness of Tipp schools, ask for a copy of the OFCC letter to Kumpf dated April 26. Get educated and vote NO.

— Kathy Bone

Tipp City