Councilman believes he’s right choice

To the Editor:

The yard signs are out, both candidates have knocked on doors and attempted to get their message out, and the vote is finally on Tuesday. But who do you want representing you on city council?

You’ve got Brock Heath running for his fourth term as the 6th Ward councilman. He has the experience, the energy, has built the relationships across Troy, is positive, friendly, and easy to talk to. He served our country in the Marine Corps Infantry through three deployments, and came home and started serving Troy right away. From chairing the Troy Festival of Nations four times to volunteering on a variety of chamber boards and committees, to being named Troy’s Outstanding Young Man, being elected to the Miami County Republican Central Committee, and founding a positive energy-based Troy business, Brock has led and served in Troy for almost 20 years.

Brock’s opponent, however, has zero experience leading our community, and has vowed to spend millions of our citizen dollars on a parking garage that Troy does not currently need. And if elected, Brock’s opponent promises to bulldoze our historic Prouty Plaza, which is such a beautiful part of our downtown, provides important greenspace, and is used so much by our citizens. These items are concerning, and this is not the leadership we want for Troy.

I am Brock Heath, and it has been one of the biggest honors of my life to serve the great 6th Ward as your councilman. I appreciate so much the huge amount of encouragement, support, and energy that I have received from across Troy during this campaign. I ask for your vote and the opportunity to continue to work hard for you and our beloved Troy. Thank you so much, and Semper Fidelis!

— Brock Heath