Reader grateful for help at Rogers Drum Show

To the Editor:

April 27, 2019 was proclaimed by the Covington Mayor Ed McCord “Rogers Drum Day.” We would like to thank the mayor and the city officials for this historical reminder of the Rogers Drums and their employees of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Thank you everyone else, including Annie Harrison, Buffalo Jacks, the Fire Department, Charlie Hollis and the Boy Scouts, the vintage car owners, Biller’s Stamps and Engraving, the Covington Christian Church for the lunch and the service on Sunday, Jerry’s Angels, all the parade people, Larry Earick, Brian Kendall who was my right hand man, all the Rogers drummers who came here from all over the U.S. and Canada, Glen Hollpeter and to my family for helping and letting me take time to do this event, and Jeff for the service on Sunday.

I had a dream that someday the employees and Rogers Drums would be recognized here in Covington. After almost 60 years later, we did it.

— Jerry Shields and Mark Po Shy