It is time to say yes to Tipp schools

To the Editor:

In consideration of the May 7 proposed bond levy for Tipp City Schools, it is important to disclose true facts for the community.

With state co-funding at its highest level ever (35 percent), a reduction of over $10 million in building costs, and a learning environment inclusive of infrastructure and technology advancements that will rival the highest-ranking school districts in Ohio, it is time.

To end the sub-par and unhealthy learning environment for students and teachers, including no air conditioning, inefficient infrastructure to support current technology, antiquated heating systems, drinking fountains and restroom facilities, it is time.

As a teacher who dedicated 18 years to Tipp City students’ education, working around and through the shortcomings of learning environments that simply do not measure up to standards that our Tipp City students and teachers deserve, it is time that we prioritize properly.

Strong schools equal a strong community. It is time to vote Yes.

— Heidi and Tim Silvers

Tipp City