Why you should vote Oda for mayor

To the Editor:

It may seem strange to see an endorsement letter from a candidate’s husband, but I believe it is important voters get an accurate picture of Robin Oda from the person who knows her best. We live in a world that values the superficial over the substantial. We celebrate the promises, not the fulfillment. We accept a postured vote without accountability. Every candidate these days speak of change, yet many candidates have a history of letting pass their opportunities to foster change. Robin is different. I have never known someone who is so honoring to her words and convictions. Let me tell you about Robin.

First, I believe you can now a lot about a person by looking at her children, Robin chose to take on the toughest job ever — mothering. She raised three highly successful children. Kelli is a doctor in the United States Navy. Maggie is an executive director of a city chamber of commerce and Tyler is a financial advisor. Our kids would testify their mom was a consistent, honest, faithful, loving, courageous and honoring influence in their lives. She was also a mom who expected her kids to be accountable in their lives. These are all characteristics that translate well into public service.

How, you might ask?

I have never seen Robin compromise her beliefs to win favor with someone. I’ve seen Robin deliver bad news honestly and lovingly. In this era of a lack of civility, Robin is respectful and civil in her disagreements. You may not agree with everything she believes (I don’t agree with her 100 percent of the time), but like me, you can trust her 100 percent of the time. You know what she thinks on an issue and you can have an honest discussion with her.

Too many politicians will appease someone for a vote; that is not Robin. Robin is big on transparency. She believes voters deserve to know where she stands on issues without posturing. Just as important, she believes in transparency of government. She is a big proponent of the Ohio’s Online Checkbook, recently implemented in Miami County. She believes every Troy citizen has the right to see how their tax dollars are spent. Robin has been an advocate of implementing Ohio’s Online Checkbook for the city long before she became a candidate for mayor.

Robin believes in conservative spending, beginning with stopping the practice of hiring consultants to tell us how to run our city. Robin believes Troy is loaded with talent and experience, ranging from department heads to each and every city employee. Robin believes they know far more about Troy than some hired consultant. Robin believes that she should trust our city employees and make changes where trust cannot be established. She believes in using our local talent, developing skills where lacking and holding people accountable for the decisions and jobs they have been hired to do.

Robin believes in open and honest communication. She is frustrated by what seems to be a lack of access she has as a city council member to hear from city employees. I’m amazed at how interested Robin is when hearing from citizens on their concerns and issues. Finally, Robin is one of the most courageous people I know — as proven by her voting record on city council. Robin is not afraid to stand alone. She is not too proud to admit what she doesn’t know and see and rely upon others, but she is not afraid to disagree and stand up and be counted alone.

I’ve heard candidates talk about it’s their time to achieve an office. They say things like, “I’ve paid my dues” or “I’ve been loyal to the party” and ‘It’s my time.” How about we make it Troy’s time this time around and vote for Robin Oda?

— Scott Oda