Contact your rep about HB174

To the Editor:

“America’s first freedom” is not the right to firearms; it is the freedom to the right to life to to live is protected by the Constitution and is the bedrock principal on which our government and civil society are founded.

Just a follow up on Ohio House Bill 174, which would allow anyone over 21 to carry a hidden gun, long rifle or shotgun wihtout obtaining a conceal carry permit.

Aftering voicing my opposition to Jena Powell, District 80 rep, and in Miami Valley Today, I received a reply from Powell and an anonymous letter to my house saying they supported the Second Amendment. This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment rights and has everything to do with letting an untrained individual, without background check, pack a weapon form a glock to an AR-15 hidden on their bodies.

Update on gun violence incidents in Ohio for the first 10 days of April: the total of 53 incidents with 28 injuries and eight killed. These include three males between ages 24 and 28 involved in a shooting, with injuries in Piqua, Jena Powell’s district. In other areas of the state, a police officer shot and wounded, two children betwee 12 and 17 wounded, a 42-year-old man walking home from his mother’s shot and killed, an individual shot and killed by an assault rifle, 50 casings recovered. Many of these incidents involved individuals in their 20s. Go to to check it out.

Unfortunately, Rep. Warren Davidson did not support reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. When a gun is present in domestic violence, it’s five-times more likely that the woman will be killed by her abusive partner. In an average month, at least 52 American women are shot and killed by an intimate partner, and many more are injured.

They expaneded the law to keep guns away from abusive dating and stalkers, and alerts law enforcement when domestic abusers attempt to illegally buy guns. Women are now as likely to be killed by dating partners as spouses with guns and the provisions will help reduce gun violence against them. The bill passed the House along party lines and is on its way to the Senate. Call Senators Brown and Portman and encourage them to pass this bill.

Call or email your representatives and voice your opinion on these laws: Jena Powell (614) 466-8114,; Warren Davidson (937) 339-1524,

— George Riegle