Tipp needs new school building

To the Editor:

First and foremost is the need for educational purposes. Second is the financial opportunity that the state has supplied at this time in history.

Educationally the current two K-3 buildings, that are over 60 years old, are sorely inadequate for learning in our current society. Sixty years ago, prior to modern technology like computers, the buildings were state-of-the-art structures. Now these two facilities sadly have insufficient electrical power to support proper use of computer technology critical to current needs in society.

Another facilities issue is the air conditioning. Sixty years ago having an air conditioned building was unheard of. Now, with air conditioning in most homes, most cars, and most shopping areas people have become accustomed to having air conditioning. Having air conditioning in the new building will certainly aid in the learning process.

Also 60 years ago the schools were considered safe havens. There was no security features included in the facilities when they were built. Now it is imperative to build in security features. This is a primary goal for the new building.

Financially it is the right time. Tipp needed the new K-3 building several years ago. It was too expensive. But now the state has offered a 35 percent co-pay for the new building. That reduces our cost by over $10 million, a huge tax relief for us local taxpayers

I find the above compelling reasons to vote for the Tipp bond issue on May 7. I hope you will also support the Tipp school system.

— Thomas Persing

Tipp City