PCS levy important for success

To the Editor:

I am writing today to urge readers to vote “YES” on the upcoming Piqua City Schools levy in the May election. This levy is critical to the continued success and improvement of the Piqua City Schools district.

There are improvements that can be made in our schools, as the high school, junior high and Alexander Stadium are aging buildings. This levy will help provide basic upgrades and needed maintenance to the buildings.

Denying the district the funds from the levy will not only keep us from ever seeing the improvements, it will give us other problems so big we will forget about the much less significant problems facing us currently. These buildings are great sources of pride in our community. Let’s help keep them that way!

It is important to note that the money at issue in this upcoming election is NOT an increase in our taxes. In fact, they will lower with this levy plan. Our school district has a long-standing record of only asking for funds that are necessary.

Please support our Piqua City Schools by voting YES! A quality education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Every child in Piqua deserves the very best kindergarten through 12th grade experience that they can get. Please make an investment in OUR students!

— Stacey Rowley