Reader disagrees with planning commission decision

To the Editor:

Well the Piqua Planning Commission, under the guidance of Economic Development Director Chris Schmiesing, unanimously rejected a proposed taxpaying business.

There were no positive considerations from Mr. Schmiesing that I saw in the March 14, 2019, Miami Valley Today article. I cannot believe Mr. Schmiesing missed the chance to propose building a “bicycle rest area” on the entire corner. The interstate system has rest areas, and I feel sure we will need them to handle all the bicycle traffic soon.

They don’t build gas stations in the middle of nowhere usually, they put them where there is traffic. Years ago, when every intersection had four gas stations, they adjusted prices to obtain your business. Why do we want to curb business in Piqua?

Mr. Schmiesing said, “There is a concern of noise from air compressors.” Are you serious? An air compressor would not compare to the noise from the gas pumps at the new Speedway on Covington Avenue.

Is it any wonder why Piqua cannot grow like the surrounding area?

Dixson Clement