Hunt’s legacy continues to serve others

To the Editor:

For several years I’ve attended, as a volunteer and donor, the Miami County Foundation’s celebration when grant money is given to our schools and not-for-profit organizations serving Miami County residents. It is amazing to witness the variety of projects funded that lead to improving life for our citizens.

There are 9 school districts throughout our county that use the monies to fund field trips, purchase books and other educational materials, band uniforms and instruments, technology equipment, etc. One school used the 3D printer they bought with grant money to produce a working had for a child born with only one hand. Imagine the thrill for the child and the students. Funds are given to bring mobile dental care to students with no family dental insurance.

Several organizations have purchased machines to aid heart attack victims before medics can reach them. This year many county sheriff vehicles have been equipped with the machines compliments of the Foundation. Lives of young and old are improved with medical devices and medicines purchased with grant money the organization receive. Area soup kitchens are able to feed more needy individuals and families. Each year the need for grant money increases.

The above mentioned projects and so many more wouldn’t be possible if it were not for the generosity of the late Richard Hunt who made a donation to start the Foundation in honor of his wife and two children. It is amazing the amount of good one man’s generous gift has had in the past 30 years. The first year the distribution amounted to $15,000; this year over $460,000 was awarded to support 130 not-for-profit programs and 44 school projects. In 30 years, the board of directors has been able to distribute over $6 million. The funds are distributed twice a year; the next will be in the spring 2016. Maybe I’ll see you at the celebration.

In addition to donations given by area residents to the Miami County Foundation, a Business Partnership program was created this year with Miami County companies. To date 19 businesses have committed to financially supporting the Foundation. As a result of all these donations the funds will continue to increase and the Foundation will exist for an indefinite period of time. I say thank you to those who support the work of the Miami County Foundation.

As you count your blessings this Thanksgiving and Christmas, be thankful for Mr. Hunt, the Foundation’s board members and volunteers, donors and those who carry out the work of these charities.

— Edna Stiefel