Trump the source of his own problems

To the Editor:

Trump is a chronic liar who tells so many lies that he can’t remember which ones he told. Take the mess he’s got himself now. The wall! Mexico is going to pay for it. It’s not going to happen. The house looks like they’re not going to fund it, either. It’s a self-made blunder by the Liar-in-Chief, the president, and the shutdown also belongs to him, with lies causing self-made problems.

I suspect promises made and never kept that he was going to clean up the swamp in Washington. If the voters that had supported him did a little research on him (readily available), they would have found that he was accused of various crimes such as not paying his bills, discrimination, con man, a liar and various other sordid crimes. Nobody should be surprised at the mess that he has created.

After listening to his proposal on Saturday, which he offered very little in trying to solve the impasse, with the wall still in his (dead on arrival) proposals, makes this a nonstarter. His lack of feeling for the people he hurt by his shutdown, which was not necessary, is only going to get worse. As long as he has the wall in his proposal, whatever he offers is dead on arrival. The president should understand this by now.

Whoever is advising him (the far right, Ann Coulter), he should quit taking their advice.

— Jack Caulfield