Drop the wall and get the country going again

To the Editor:


Do immigration reform, drop the wall, and get the country operational.

The whole country is now in chaos over a badly thought out campaign promise. A promise made to stir up the people. A campaign promise made that stated that Mexico would pay for the proposal: A Trump promise, not a Republican promise.

Any rational person in 2016 fully realized that Mexico would not pay for the ill thought out wall. The wall concept was based on fear, not reality. The racist names he gave to the Central American population that was coming north to escape danger and hunger were disgusting. The facts used to justify the wall were frequently manufactured or manipulated. And they still are.

The current request for $5.7 billion is just a down payment. This $5.7 billion will pay for only 234 miles of steel slats. There is still another 1,000 miles to protect. Does that mean we will have a government shutdown another five times just to keep a poorly thought out campaign promise?

Use technology to provide national security. It will work better and will be less expensive. Further it can be improved on as new technology becomes available. Enhance the process for asylum seekers and provide for detention facilities where needed. Provide necessary border security personnel where needed, but forget the wall. The vast majority of people do not support the wall concept.

— Thomas Persing

Tipp City