Newton Schools thank Eagles

Letter to the Editor:

On behalf of the Newton Local School District, the Board of Education, the students of Newton Schools, and our community, I would like to once again thank the Covington Eagles for their recent donation of $7,000 to our school. We will use these funds for scholarships to colleges or trade schools for our graduates.

Over many years, the Covington Eagles have treated us as if we are from their immediate community. They have embraced us as one of their own! We appreciate our relationship with the Covington Eagles. We hope that our community reciprocates support for the Covington Eagles and their mission within our area.

The Covington Eagles have donated a significant amount of funds to our school over many years. It would be difficult to measure the positive impact it has had on our student body and recent graduates. It is safe to say that the impact has been tremendous!

I am proud of our association with the Covington Eagles. Once again, thank you Covington Eagles for your continued generosity over the years! As always, your organization and what you stand for are very much appreciated by the Newton Local Schools.


Pat McBride

Superintendent Of Newton Local Schools