DeWine is right choice for governor

To the Editor:

In this election season, many candidates have talked the talk — but one candidate I know has walked the walk.

That person is Mike DeWine. I have known Mike personally for over 50 years and I know that what he says, he will do. I have seen his commitment as a husband and father and dedication to Ohio in action, not just words.

His dedication to all women was shown in his investigating and clearing those 12,000 rape kits that represented thousands of violated and harmed women that his predecessor, Richard Cordray, left untouched. He promised those women justice and he delivered.

As a father with eight children and many grandchildren, he recognizes the need for a strong education system. Mike has put forward a bold plan, be it college-bound students or vocational training, giving needed skills to fill our much needed work force.

And Mike has released his 12-point action plan to battle the opioid crisis. As attorney general, he has opened additional crime labs to get better and faster results to aid law enforcement and courts to prosecute these crimes.

Having known Mike for all these years, I have seen his faith, his family values and his love for this state. I know this man and know he is the right person to lead this state as our governor.

— Jack Evans

Miami County Commissioner