Everyday hero dives right in

To the Editor:

I teach fourth grade at Piqua Central Intermediate, where recently something amazing happened. One of our fourth graders accidentally threw away her retainer along with her lunch trash. As you can imagine, the student’s mother was upset at the loss of this expensive dental device.

Mom, Ashley Gibson, called our principal to see what could be done about this. Mr. Kauffman, our principal, phoned one of our custodians about the mother’s lament. Without hesitation, Mr. Scott Foster returned to school to meet the mom at the dumpsters. There was only one way to find the retainer: Dumpster dive! The prize was found in the last bag they looked, bag number 23!

Our school is full of amazing everyday heroes. This is but another example of how my colleagues go “above and beyond” each day for our kids. Thank you, Mr. Foster, for all you do to keep our school operating!

— Stacy Patton