Vote yes on Covington levies

To the Editor:

There are two levies on the ballot listed as “a renewal of taxes for the benefit of the village of Covington for the purpose of current expenses.”

1. Please note it says “renewal” so these are not new taxes, but just a renewal of what are current taxes already being collected (there would be no increase in the rate that a taxpayer pays because they are renewals (continuation) of these two levies.)

2. The “current expenses” should say to “continue the operation of fire and EMS services to the residents of the village of Covington.” The levies provide much needed and necessary monies for these services, but do not provide all the monies needed for these operations.

3. The funds from these two levies are “earmarked” for these services only. The citizens of Covington are extremely fortunate to have these two valuable services (men and women and equipment) dedicated to protecting our lives and property.

Voting yes on these two levies will not increase your taxes and will continue these valuable and necessary public services.

Vote yes on these levies Nov. 6, 2018.

— James Roger O’Donnell