Foundation continues to honor legacy

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter as a representative of the Friends of the Piqua Parks.

Recently, we received a very generous award from the Miami County Foundation of $10,000 to have a statue built for Piqua’s Medal of Honor recipient, William H. Pitsenbarger. I attended the award ceremony in May along with the other 88 recipients of grants from the foundation. Each of us was to introduce ourselves, give the amount we received and how we were going to use the money.

I was so inspired and impressed listening to how people are helping other people in Miami County in so many ways. People are helping less fortunate individuals with day to day issues, teachers are helping their students achieve great things, individuals and organizations are bringing to the forefront issues that are so important to making this a better world in which to live.

Richard Hunt left a legacy that the Miami County Foundation is fulfilling by awarding grant money for great causes.

The Friends of the Piqua Parks is closer to building this statue of one of our country’s great heroes because of this generous award.

— Ruth A. Koon

President, Friends of the Piqua Parks