Show more support for pavilion

To the Editor:

Over 60 years, our family went to Piqua Fountain Park concerts. This year, the programs were very good, especially the Chautauqua players. In the past years, the Music Warehouse concerts were a favorite, with the young singers always doing very well.

The park has been home for the Civic Band and they have done different programs even after Bob Hance retired, and now how a hard time to get a good crowd. The citizens need to show more support to the park band music.

Our friend from town said that the pavilion was deteriorating and we saw big leaks in the roof. But the park people don’t plan to fix the problems. It would be a shame if this historic place is not repaired and allowed to fall apart. The citizens should ask that the building be kept in good repair.

Former Piqua resident,

— Emma Brown