Shame on garden vandals

To the Editor:

Piqua public spaces are so beautiful mainly due to the countless hours spent by the two garden clubs who actively work volunteering their time to plant, weed and maintain the seasonal flower displays.

The Four Seasons Garden Club has already dedicated over 200 work hours this season in both Ann Mira Das Park and Gentile Veteran’s Park which the city may convert into dollars to use when applying for matching grant funds. In addition, all the plant material used by Four Seasons is purchased by the club with money raised by fund-raising efforts and purchased from local greenhouses.

Imagine the disappointment and rage by the volunteers when it was noted on June 19, several of the tall background flowers were removed from the planting on the corner of Broadway and Park Avenue, Das Park. Not snapped off, or broken by the wind, not cut to be enjoyed for a bouquet and allowed to rebloom, but dug from the ground, disturbing any under-planted tulips or bulb plants, leaving gaping holes in their place. It was disheartening and infuriating. This was not the work of careless children in the park, but someone who planned to “move” the plants.

Shame on you for stealing from the city, the children who utilize the park and the citizens of Piqua who drive by daily and appreciate the added color for a few months out of the year! Not to mention the heartache you have caused the ladies who work all year long, no matter the weather, to enhance the park(s). This lack of appreciation almost caused some of our club members to quit on the spot, or take our efforts elsewhere. We should not let the actions of a few ruin it for everyone, should we?

Thank you to all who have stopped to give a kind word or thumbs-up as you drive by to show your appreciation for our efforts as we work in the gardens. It always brings a smile to our faces!

— Diane Hart

President, Four Seasons Garden Club