Thanks for supporting POWW

To the Editor:

POWW (Protecting Our Water Ways) would like to say “thank you” to our main sponsor, Cargill; our major sponsors, Atlantis, Miami Conservancy District, Cox Media, American Rivers, Butler County Storm Water, City of Sidney, Heidelberg Dist., Bonbright Dist., SweetWater Brewing Co., all of our local businesses, City of Piqua, and families for their support of our 15th Clean Sweep of The Great Miami River.

One hundred volunteers, armed with 40 canoes, three pick-up trucks, three dump trucks, a crane truck pulled out 6,160 pounds (this includes 57 tires). That is about half of our previous lowest year! That is good news because folks are realizing the Great Miami is not a dumping ground, but beautiful natural area to preserve.

POWW’s totals over 15 years are staggering: Over 175,000 pounds of trash removed (includes over 1,700 tires) by volunteers who have logged over 10,600 community man-hours. Thank you to each and everyone of them. Their efforts are truly amazing.

— Jeff Lange

Founder, executive director

POWW (Protecting Our Water Ways)