Keep ‘raising the bar’ for Piqua

To the Editor:

Piqua is a great place to live. We need to “keep raising the bar.” City services are responsive to the citizens. I learned this a couple years ago, when I completed the Piqua Government Academy. It was a super program.

The Piqua Government Academy was briefed by the leaders of all the city departments. It has been gratifying to see the improvement over time of the city departments to resolve some pressing issues. For example, the water department briefed their status in the old facility and the need for a new water treatment plant, which is now under construction. The city services have been improving over the last few years. As a citizen, I have certainly enjoyed this progress.

The redevelopment of the downtown riverfront is an exciting plan for the city. There are a number of features of the plan which have proven of interest for citizens. It will be a blending of public and private partnerships to meet the major objectives of the plan — target commercial activity, increase residential properties, more programmed events and reinforce Piqua’s identity as a river-oriented community. As this community plan advances, we will benefit.

I want to be part of the continued improvement in the quality of life in Piqua. I am a candidate for mayor and 5th Ward city commissioner for the election on Nov. 3. If elected, I am committed to “keep raising the bar” in the quality of life in the City of Piqua.

— Gary Koenig