Hinds dedicated to Piqua

On Nov. 3, the citizens of Piqua will have an opportunity to vote for positive change within our community. I am writing this letter to the editor in support of Kathryn “Kazy” Hinds for 5th Ward City commissioner and Mayor.

Kazy is passionate about the city of Piqua and optimistic for our future, particularly the downtown/riverfront revitalization effort. She has a long list of dedicated service including Piqua Citizens for Safety Committee, Citizens for Quality Piqua Schools, and Citizens for a Better Piqua to name just a few.

In reality, you’d be hard pressed to find a local initiative that Kazy hasn’t influenced in one way or another. Yes, Kazy loves Piqua and has dedicated herself to making it a safer more desirable community in which to live!

It is important to note Kazy is more than just a cheerleader. She is a keen listener always acknowledging other’s viewpoints. She is a strong negotiator and a unifying voice for people of different backgrounds and opinions. She is intelligent, confident, and determined! Kazy is not afraid to tackle hard issues such as the horrible onslaught of heroin in our city.

Friends, now is the time to accentuate the positive and grow our wonderful city! Please join me in voting yes for Kazy Hinds for 5th Ward City Commissioner and Mayor on Nov. 3.

— Mimi A. Crawford