Separations didn’t start with Trump

To the Editor:

The news this week has been filled with righteous indignation about the fact that the children of illegal immigrants have been separated from their parents when they are arrested.

Why now?This has been the law since Bill Clinton signed the bill establishing it. Every president since has done nothing to stop it, but now it has become Donald Trump’s fault!

Insane celebrities have crawled out of the sewers to suggest that President Trump’s young son should be kidnapped by pedophiles and raped! What kind of sick, depraved animal would even think such a thing?

The level of hatred for the president, who so far, has done nothing but good for the country is insane, illogical, and now violent.

The top levels of the Justice Department and the F.B.I. have been corrupted. Even the I.G.’s office is now using Comey logic. Like Comey, when he enumerated the laws and National Security violations of Hillary Clinton, then said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would charge her for the crimes he just mentioned, the I.G. did the same thing in reverse when he illogically said that there was no bias in the special counsel witch hunt! While he is correct that no one put their obvious bias in writing, no reasonable person could fail to see it in their communication and actions!

— Tom Fenner