Congress needs to do its part on immigration

To the Editor:

To Jim Jordan, Warren Davidson, Rob Portman, Sherrod Brown — DO YOUR JOB.

Congress is one of three branches of our government that are supposed to counterbalance each other.

Right now, the administration is trying to FORCE Congress to legislate an immigration bill that will put some sanity into the immigration process. However, the president will not sign any bill that does not include funding for his wall.

This political charade must stop. The 2008 law that is being emphasized has not caused any catastrophic problems for the last 10 years. It is now creating the catastrophic problems since the administration decided in May, this year, to enforce this law with zero tolerance. This appears to be a change to the process that will create a crisis.

The president and his administration are in effect holding the children of asylum seekers as hostages to keep a campaign promise. A promise that will cost us multi-billions of dollars — a cost his campaign promise said would be paid by Mexico (which everyone knew was false). I want the immigration issues fixed, but not by increasing our national debt.

This administration needs to be controlled and in this case, the Congress can do the job.

— Thomas Persing

Tipp City