Reader says speak up now

To the Editor:

To all — and this concerns all! I wish to let all know of a planned 199-foot cell tower upon our National Historical Register land, here in Rossville — just outside Piqua’s city limits.

There is already a 20-30 story high cell tower there. The new one is to be around 45-50 feet from the present cell tower.

The existing one is around 50 feet from my back door; the new one planned would be only 15-18 feet from my back door. My family has four little grandchildren. Thus, there would be electromagnetic radiation waves floating from huge cell towers on both corners of my house into four little kids’ developing bodies and brains. As well as my visitors, my animals and myself.

My question: Why would any decent person, company and/or people of power even consider such a dangerous thing?

Second question: Why isn’t anyone stopping this when there are state and federal laws against putting such on or near National Historic land?

Third question: Since there are already state and federal laws, why are they not being enforced to prevent this?

Often communities have ordinances to prevent this — do we? If not, why don’t we?

Today my home, family — tomorrow yours!

Today this, our national, state and local Historical Registered site and land — tomorrow every!

Federal law, section 106, states: “No structure shall be built on National Historical site, land that affects its: visuals, auditorial character and feeling of the historical land.” So why is this even being considered?

This is all your land. All speak up now — before it’s too late.

Thank you,

— Della Shaffer