Cox replies to statements

To the Editor:

I was disappointed in the statements made by Chris Anderson regarding his assessment as to the state of affairs of my office.

Anderson’s negative representations of my staff are untrue and he is obviously misinformed. I have been in complete command and control of my office during my recovery from my broken hip. As your Sheriff, my office has provided excellent service to this community for twenty seven years.

I have assembled a command staff that has met my expectations and have served this community with exemplary dedication and thoroughness that cannot be matched. It is concerning that a candidate for the office of sheriff could be so misinformed and negative from the onset of a campaign. Anderson’s statements reflect his willingness to engage in attacks and accusations based on misinformation for political gain.

I find Anderson’s statements unsettling as to his ability to serve this community in a positive and effective manner.

— Sheriff Charles A. Cox

Miami County Sheriff