Step up, renew library levy

To the Editor:

A community like Piqua shines when it has great amenities. Schools, parks and library are among the most important assets when it comes to being considered a progressive city. We are fortunate that in Piqua we have a great school system with new, modern, up to date structures and excellent teachers to use tools that our community has provided.

Our parks area shining part of what we are as a community. They are used by so many individuals and groups. Reunions, sports teams, family outings and swimming are just a few of the programs in the parks. The dedication of the William Pitsenbarger statue at Pitsenbarger Sports Complex is another great addition to our community with so many people supporting our parks.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to ask our community to support another great community amenity. We have what has been reported as one of the most impressive libraries in our state. The library provides so many services that are overlooked until the day we need them. The library keeps an ongoing history of our community for us to look back and for future generations to look back at what we have done. The library is a repository for many great artworks. The library provides a wealth of knowledge to our youth. The library is a great place for various meetings. The library is important to our communities resume when companies are looking to relocate.

Many people depend on the library for such things as internet services, computer availability. The days of just checking out books is long gone. Today’s Piqua Library is a hub for so many events and provides so many services and activities for our community. Jim Oda and the fine staff at the library are always there to provide friendly help.

It is time for us to step up and support our library by voting for the library renewal levy. Our support will insure the continuing upgrades needed to keep our Piqua Library at the top of the list in our state. I am proud to ask you to vote yes for the library renewal levy.


— Donald J. Smith