Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Beasley

To the Editor:

What to get a Mom for Mother’s Day, a lady whom has everything? The only thing I could come up with was to tell as many people as I could how great she really is. Mom was the defender (from old-school Dad), she was the helper, the hider, the cook, mother of four and great card player!

Mom the defender: we all wore glasses and every once in while, we would break a pair and Mom would run interference so that we wouldn’t get in too much trouble. We had a drawer full of glasses parts and sometimes we would wear glasses that were mismatched. We love her for that.

Mom the helper: my brother and I both had paper routes and Mom was always there helping stuff the Sunday paper before we delivered. If it snowed Mom, was there; rain, Mom was there; and sometimes, she was just there.

Mom the hider: I remember getting a new pair of jeans and falling, ripping a hole in the knee the same day I got them after she told me not to wear them. She patched them so that you couldn’t notice they had a tear. I don’t think Dad ever found out. Boy, did I respect Mom.

Mom could cook. “What’s for dinner, Mom?” She replied, “Hunch Funch!” We always ate at or around 5 p.m. and if you were late … we were never late because Mom always had a good dinner. If there was football, band or track, Mom always kept a plate in the oven. Mom’s peanut butter fudge was and still is legendary. My wife learned Mom’s recipe and has mastered it. Everyone in Virginia loves it.

Mom and my Dad played euchre every Saturday night (it seemed like every Saturday) for years and as we learned how to play, we also learned that Mom was and still is a great card player. All the grandkids love to play cards with Grandma Beasley.

She had a great sense of humor and always made us laugh. She made our life fun.

I want everyone to know that my mom is the best mom ever!

We love you Mom.

— Joe (formerly of Piqua) and Pam Beasley

Richmond, Virginia