Lovett will fight for what’s right

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to proudly endorse Republican George Lovett for state representative. We are fast approaching the May primary election and I believe that we are facing some of the most important decisions we have had to make in many years, and it is critical that we elect the best candidate possible who will help continue to lead us forward.

George Lovett is a conservative who is not a career politician, but someone who will spend his career fighting for what is right for Americans. He is a small business owner who has created jobs, and served his community as a council member and mayor. George Lovett will fight for lower taxes, smaller government, and stand up against corruption and bad behavior in both parties.

Coming from a blue-collar family, he understands family values, and he knows that through hard work, you can accomplish anything.

I urge you to go to the polls for the May 8 primaries, and vote for the one man who will get things done in Columbus. Vote for George Lovett, Republican state representative.

— Gordon Vance