Beagle supports O’Brien for state rep

To the Editor:

Bud O’Brien should be our next state representative.

I’ve known him for a number of years and have worked with him both in my role as state senator as well as a member of my local city council.

I know him to a fiscal conservative who didn’t raise taxes when the going got tough. Instead, he made the difficult decisions we expect of our leaders and balanced the county budget without a tax increase.

He is also dedicated to our conservative principals of protecting life and protecting our 2nd amendment rights. These battles are fought in the statehouses of America and we need a tested leader we know will fight for us.

On the campaign trail it’s easy to talk about the other person. It’s easy to say all the things you’re going to do even though you’ve never done them. Passion, conviction, and a proven track record of success is why Bud O’Brien will be an effective leader in Columbus for the 80th House district. I hope you’ll join me in supporting him.

— State Senator Bill Beagle

Tipp City