Vote Guyette for Congress

To the Editor:

My wife and I are a retired couple in our 70s with income from Social Security and retirement savings only. I decided to see how the so-called “middle class tax cut” would affect us personally, so I used the 2018 tax rates and rules and 2017 income to estimate our tax liability for next year. I was surprised to discover that my taxes will go up 30 percent next year. I hope Mr. Trump and his billionaire friends can put it to good use. Even though the standard deduction was raised, the personal exemption was eliminated altogether.

I have been an Independent most of my life and have voted for both major party candidates as well as some third-party candidates. This year, I’m supporting any candidate who is opposed to the dangerous and inhuman policies of Mr. Trump. One of those candidates is Matthew Guyette whose running for U.S. Congress in the Democratic primary.

I encourage you to check him our at

— Frank Hatten