O’Brien endorsed for state representative seat

To the Editor:

I have known and worked with John “Bud” O’Brien for over 25 years. During the time I served as a Miami County Commissioner, Bud served as Miami County Recorder. He was recognized at the local and state levels for his modernizing the functions of the office in serving the citizens. In addition, he effectively lead the Ohio Recorders Association Legislative Committee in the enactment of state laws and regulations promoting the quality and economy of services provided to the citizens he served.

He was elected to the office of Miami County Commissioner and is currently serving his third term. Bud’s service is characterized by his excellent business procedures and dedication to do his best in serving his constituents. He was re-elected in 2014 with 70 percent of the vote. Voters recognized his achievements as he worked with the other elected office holders and the county employees in the improvement of services provided to the citizens.

Bud O’Brien’s service and achievements began early. As a young man, he was earning the rank of Eagle Scout. He has continued his service in several organizations. A partial list includes Miami County and Ohio Farm Bureau, church membership, Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, and the Miami County Family and Children First Council.

Bud O’Brien knows the importance of electing leaders who have a conservative record of accomplishment in maintaining low taxes, which are spent wisely, economical operation of government, locally controlled schools and protecting our individual freedoms.

Bud O’Brien is a NRA member and a supporter of the Second Amendment. He is a defender of life and is dedicated to supporting pro-life principles. He is especially committed to all that is involved in promoting our economy and the creation of jobs, jobs and more jobs!

Bud O’Brien was the choice of the Miami County Republicans to receive the endorsement at the Miami County Republication Convention.

It is for all of these reasons that I am announcing my endorsement for John “Bud” O’Brien to be elected the Republican nominee for state representative.

— Richard N. Adams, Ph.D.