County treasurer endorses O’Brien

To the Editor:

As someone from our community who has witnessed Bud O’Brien’s efforts on our behalf for many years, I would like to share the first three things that come to my mind about Commissioner O’Brien:

1. Commitment: He is engaged and proactive in the process of representing us in county government and working for the Republican party on a daily basis. I never see him let up on that intensity.

2. Values: Bud reflects the conservative core values that we in Western Ohio hold and expect. He is committed to his family, faithful in his beliefs and certainly believes in the Constitution of the United States.

3. Proven experience: The guy has shown for years that he can do the job and what he says he stands for IS what he stands for.

Bud O’Brien has shown his ability to lead, to fight and stand strong for us in countless ways in the past and I know he will do the same for Miami and Darke Counties as our state representative. This is why it is easy for me to support Commissioner O’Brien and ask that you all consider his proven body of work in order to send him as our representative to the Ohio State House of Representatives.

Thank you,

— Jim Stubbs

Miami County Treasurer