Commissioner endorses DeWine, Husted

To the Editor:

The next governor of Ohio must be committed the Ohio’s economic future. The only ticket with the true leadership and vision to carry Ohio and Miami County’s economy into the 21st century is Mike DeWine and Jon Husted.

Ohio needs a governor that has the knowledge to run a state government that will attract businesses which will invest in the people who live here. DeWine understands that Ohio has more potential than any other state to succeed in the coming years, so long as we continue to promote pro-growth policies that will help attract investment and develop a qualified workforce – making life better for the average Ohioan.

DeWine has promised to cut state regulations two for one, making it easier to start, own, and operate a business in the great state of Ohio. This is the kind of leadership we need to send to Columbus in the coming election.

Both Mike DeWine and Jon Husted’s records prove to Ohio that they are the most qualified candidates to be our next governor and lieutenant governor.

– Jack Evans

Miami County Commissioner