Winteregg committed to high standards

To the Editor:

On May 8, we get to vote for a state representative for Ohio’s 80th District. We’re seeing yard signs and commercials aplenty. I graduated from Franklin Monroe and have lived in Arcanum and Piqua. I currently work in Troy, attend church in Piqua, and live in Tipp City. I know the areas and the people that will be represented by the person we elect, which is why I can’t stay quiet this election. After attending a recent forum where I met the candidates and listened to their platforms, I would like to encourage my friends, family and community to vote for Conservative Republican J.D. Winteregg.

Winteregg is pro-life, pro-family, and is committed to high standards. He takes a stand for our Second Amendment rights. Winteregg is a very well educated, well spoken, middle-aged candidate, and is the only Republican candidate that offers public school experience as a student and teacher within the last 35 years. Ohio has several educational decisions in the near future that need the knowledge of an educator.

Our community relies on agriculture. Winteregg works in agriculture and is a Farm Bureau trustee. He has experience working with farmers in multiple capacities.

Winteregg recognizes where Kasich has failed us, especially in situations like the heroin crisis. He wants ensure changes are made at the state level to help bring about a decrease to this epidemic.

This year we have opportunity to send new blood with real-life experience that can make a difference to Columbus. Winteregg will stay accessible and accountable to us and hold office with high levels of responsibility, respectfulness, and integrity.

Please vote for J.D. Winteregg on May 8.

— Pamela Schanz

Tipp City