Reader discouraged by congressman

To the Editor:

Congressman Warren Davidson’s lack of moral and political courage has been disappointing. Having regularly shared concerns with him, both in person and with staff, here are a few reasons for my observation.

As someone who openly embraces Christianity, Mr. Davidson is, nevertheless, willing to take a public stand for guns, while refusing to take a public stand for decency and honesty, when it comes to the president. Mr. Trump’s compulsive lying, misleading statements, and childish insults elicit nothing but silence from our representative. When I’ve asked if Mr. Davidson is OK with that kind of behavior, the question has been ignored. Making a case for guns, Biblically, is a difficult proposition. Jesus said, “All who live by the sword will die by the sword.” There was no reponse from the congressman when asked why he feels so afraid he has to carry a concealed weapon.

Despite his faith, Mr. Davidson at least by his silence, seems to be in agreement with the current EPA and administration as they roll back numerous environmental protections. This is contrary to the Biblical mandate to “take care of the Garden of Eden,” and by analogy our Earth and its natural resources.

Constituents have every right to expect their elected representative to display moral and political courage — that is what they deserve. “The ultimate tragedy is not oppression and cruelty by bad people, but the silence over that by good people,” said Martin Luther King.

— Larry Brown

Tipp City