Reader agrees with Dunn

To the Editor:

Tom Dunn hit one out of the park with this morning’s Opinion (“The myth of deregulation,” Piqua Daily Call, April 5). How often have we heard dim-witted politicians say, “We never intended that to happen!” when talking about a bill they helped to pass? They take perfectly good ideas, ideas that are logical, well thought out, practical, and would do good things for We the People, and turn them into hundreds of pages of confusing drivel!

How about having a civilian review board, made up of ordinary citizens, to read every bill put up for a vote? Give this board the power to remove any non-essential bits of fluff or pork that the less honest legislators might add to fatten themselves or their donors, and ensure that the final draft is clear, concise and does nothing but what the stated purpose of the bill is for.

Can we expect this to happen? Well, if we hope for the best, expect the worst, at least we will never be disappointed.

— Tom Fenner