Vote Lovett for Ohio rep

To the Editor:

George Lovett first appeared on my radar when he was mayor of Tipp City, Ohio. As president of the local chamber of commerce at the time, I had occasion to meet with George and discuss the act of making hard decisions. As a conservative in a conservative town, any talk of raising a tax, even to fund police, fire, and streets can garner a sideways look of public suspicion. Regardless of this, Tipp City residents now enjoy smooth roads as well as safe and effective public service vehicles — in part, due to the work of Mayor Lovett in marshaling support for public infrastructure.

While George is a strong conservative, he does not suffer the fool’s errand of kicking the can down the road. More specifically, some find it politically expedient to delay dealing with a problem hoping that it will disappear, or someone else will take care of it.

If you indeed are done with politics as usual and want our region of Ohio to address challenges head-on with action and a sense of urgency, you’ll join me in voting for George Lovett for House Representative of Ohio’s 80th District on May 8.

— Mike McDermott

Tipp City