Back up claims with fact

To the Editor:

March 30’s “Their View” is about how science works, yet I have always believed that science requires all things to be proven before they are accepted as facts. Man-made global warming has not been proven by scientific methods. Yes, Al Gore Jr. has become fabulously wealthy by promoting the theory, but where are the incontrovertible facts to back him up?

The writer uses the claim, “97 percent of scientists agree,” but it was 97 percent of those polled who agree. If you only poll those who agree with you, you get the results you want. There have been many false claims by those who profit from this issue. The rise of the sea level by the year 2000, temperature sensors placed at the turn around at airports where jet exhaust would alter the final results — but look back at these, and other predictions. None have come true, and in spite of Al Gore’s claims, he continues to leave a gigantic global footprint as he flies all over the world in a private jet, has multiple mansions, and rides in gas guzzling limousi

nes. If he believes in his own hype, why would he do these things?

— Tom Fenner