Hinds the right choice at polls

Letter to the Editor:

Citizens of Piqua, please consider voting for Growth by voting twice, once for commissioner and once for mayor, for Kathryn “Kazy” Hinds.

I have been blessed to know Kazy both personally and professionally. I have seen Piqua through her eyes, a person who has chosen our wonderful city as her family’s home. This choice was not because she was born and raised in this area but because she was led to Piqua a number of years ago by her job. She experienced the positive effects our community had on the entire family and what wonderful things Piqua had to offer. The entire Hinds family are all actively engaged in their town. Kazy and her husband, Joe, openly express how great it is to live, work and play right here!

Kazy was the chairperson for the police and fire safety services levy which recently passed, she is the chairperson of “Citizens for a Better Piqua,” an active member of the Positively Promoting Piqua committee, and the Piqua Area United Way president. In addition, Kazy is a member of the Optimist and Rotary clubs, a committee member for the Historical East End Piqua project, a Park board member, serves on the Parent Advisory Board at Central Intermediate School and was a member of the New Schools Facilities planning committee. You can see that she truly does believe in the community by her numerous hours volunteering with these and other committees.

Kathryn “Kazy” Hinds does not hide from difficult tasks or issues. She faces them head-on and this was apparent in her recent article dealing with the heroin problem in our community as well as all of our surrounding communities. She is well aware that not everything is perfect in our city but she is determined to do what she, and others seated on the city commission, can do to make this a place where others will want to come, settle down and enjoy the splendor of living in an area where you want to raise your children.

What will Kazy do when she is elected? She will listen to the residents of Piqua, she will always have an open door policy so that she is aware of any issues, both positive or negative, she will work diligently with our business owners and others so as to position Piqua for increased economic development, support our citizens and our leaders and last but not least Kazy will bring our community together!

I myself cannot imagine living anywhere else. I have had my opportunities but I love working downtown, walking down Main Street and knowing the people shopping locally or leaving one of the restaurants. I am well aware that this is not a perfect place but I guarantee you that there is no “perfect place”. Reflect personally, or better yet stop Kazy Hinds on the street one day and see Piqua through her eyes … you’ll fall in love with the community that you live, work and play in, too! Remember you must vote twice, once for city commissioner and once for mayor.

— Kathy Sherman