More love, friendship needed

To the Editor:

Why does this local area have such a huge drug problem? I’m talking about at 50-mile radius of Covington, Ohio. When my children were growing up in the ’70s, we had major drug problems. I thought the problem had gotten better, but it’s worse now. I can’t believe the number of overdose deaths locally.

We live in an area of great economic possibilities, good farming and great construction possibilities. Just one of the best places in America to live and raise a family, except we have a major drug problem. I have one answer and I’m sure there are different good answers and good helps.

I am shocked with the March issues of TIME magazine. It’s exclusively about the drug problem and has a lot of vivid pictures, 60 pages total. It talks about Montgomery County also. I would suggest anyone wanting some information to find an issue. In fact, if someone has a little extra money, I would suggest buying several dozen and scattering them around the towns and restaurants and other business places. It’s scary, but some people need to be scared a little. That’s the learning process sometimes.

My answer is: more love. No one likes to be alone all the time. People, including children, like to have friends. It’s a strong desire. Nearly everything they do is to attract attention. In fact, suicide comes from those who think they have no friends. That’s how important friends are. Parents should learn to be close friends with their children. Don’t use the word “no” all the time. The word “no” is very negative and does not teach. It can even create a rebellious attitude. Instead, give them a reason and a consequence of the right answer. Children who don’t have the best friends at home are open to make friends with others who, many times, are not the best friends to have. It may not be the total solution, but being lovingly friendly will help to reduce some problems. Even rehab depends on having real friends after they come out.

Most everything we do is motivated by our desire to have friends. To get more friends, be a friend. It is so important. I believe most readers know how to have friends. My challenge is: be a better friend, especially with your children. That’s where the foundation is laid. I believe it could actually reduce the drug problem.

May the Lord bless.

— Ralph E. Garber