Tax plan written by the rich, for the rich

To the Editor:

The GOP tax plan as written is for the rich, written by the rich (Trump), and has in it very little for the common folk.

Trump and family stand to make a cool $1 billion and change as written, and the bill will add $1.5 trillion in revenue to deficits over the decade, and increase the number of people who don’t have insurance by 13 million, and cause insurance companies to raise premiums. The mandated repeal would increase the uninsured and destabilize the market, despite promises to fix it.

This bill is a disaster for the common folk and is written for the well-to-do and corporations, with the GOP going along to pay off their constituents and friends. No debates, just rush it through so they can say that they accomplished it in what has been a miserable year for the GOP.

— Jack Caulfield