Retired teacher favors school levy

To the Editor:

On the Nov. 7 ballot, Piqua residents will have an opportunity to once again show our support for the Piqua City Schools. As a nearly lifelong resident, I am very proud of our great community! Many changes in the economy have not deterred us from the forward thinking which is required to offer this support in the past.

Since 2003, taxpayers have generously sustained our school district by voting to renew its operating levy every five years. We have realized the importance of a small city striving to provide a valuable education for its children and we’ve steadfastly approved the passage of this tax levy each time it was necessary.

As a retired Piqua teacher, I keep an eye on what’s happening in the schools and I am very pleased with the current staff and administration, who work tirelessly to improve the academic quality of our schools.

Please join me in voting FOR the proposed tax levy renewal!

— Barbara Hudson