Writer supports park distrcit levy

To the Editor,

I am writing to express my support for the mission, services and upcoming ballot issue of the Miami County Park District. As an avid beekeeper and conservation-minded citizen, I truly respect the many ways our Park District helps to protect the natural environment in Miami County. This community is fortunate to have a local agency that has been so successful with acquiring and managing quality natural resources for its residents.

The Park District has restored and protected important wildlife habitats throughout Miami County, including old growth forests; river and stream corridors; wetland ecosystems; and native prairie grasses. These resources are critical for protecting our air and water quality, cleaning storm water run-off and enhancing wildlife populations. I am specifically impressed with the amount of work the Park District has done to create habitat for pollinator species, specifically honey bees and native insects. The dramatic decline of pollinator populations within the past few years is threatening our local food supply and the agriculture industry which so many depend on. It is important for citizens to recognize how vital these environmental services are to our region and way of living.

We greatly benefit from conservation efforts and educational programs that enhance the quality of life for everyone and protect valuable resources for future generations. Please support the Miami County Park District and its services by going to the polls on Nov. 7 and voting “For” the levy.

— Vickie Bowman