Voters urged to support parks

To the Editor:

There is an extremely important item up for vote in November. You will be asked to support the Miami County Park District by approving their request for a tax levy, and I urge you to vote “For” it.

The Miami County Park District has done and continues to do a remarkable job of preserving our vital green spaces across the county. They have shown their concerns and abilities in Land Stewardship by protecting some of our most scenic and diverse land parcels and natural resources. This alone is enough that they deserve our support, but they also do something much more important; they provide many opportunities for young and old alike to get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful place we live. As proof, I offer this — go watch the trails at Charleston Falls Preserve or the Bike Path as a child holds the hand of a parent or grandparent, both with matching grins. Observe as a large group of excited youngsters pile back on to a school bus after an afternoon at the “Hug the Earth Festival.” Those eyes full of wonder and faces full of smiles are one of the many reasons to vote for the levy.

Aldo Leopold was considered by many to be the father of modern day conservation. In his 1932 book “Game Management, he said, “Man cannot live by bread, or Fords, alone. Are we too poor in purse or spirit to apply some of it to keep the land pleasant to see, and good to live in?”

Support our parks!

— Terry Lavy