Say ‘yea’ to school levy

To the Editor:

Residents of Piqua, the Piqua City Schools are on the ballot for the renewal of its current operating levy.

Passage of the issue will result in NO increase in taxes to the residents of Piqua; it will simply extend the district’s existing emergency operating levy for another five years at no additional cost to you.

Passage of this levy is about maintaining our school district’s fiscal health so that our teachers will have what they need to educate our students. Specifically, the funds generated will support the day-to-day operating costs of teachers, transportation, utilities, technology, classroom supplies, students programs and opportunities.

Passage of the levy will allow the district to operate in the black, something they have been able to do for 10 straight years!

We urge the citizens of Piqua to be informed about this renewal so that its passage will maintain our schools’ fiscal health.

— Cindy and Ron Pearson