To the Editor:

My wife and I would like to express our support for the improvement renewal levy for Piqua City Schools. As former students of Piqua City Schools, we care very much for the valuable education we received from the institutions we attended. Both of us sought out higher education and Piqua City Schools prepared us well. We chose to return to Piqua to plant our roots and raise a family. This community was the reason why, and the knowledge that our children would be educated by the Piqua City Schools system made the choice even easier.

Citizens of the school district, through their voting power, have recently made important investments in the lives of children here. And while we have invested to build three new schools, it is important that the services the school provides remain the focus of the attention of the board of education’s time and resources.

This is where the renewal of an operating levy comes to task. As has been mentioned, the operating levy was originally passed in 2003, and has been part of Piqua City Schools revenue since that time. As with other certain funding opportunities, this levy is required to be renewed every five years by its taxpayers. This is a tax that the citizens of the Piqua school district have already been paying and generates $2.1 milling per year for the district. This revenue can be used to provide staffing, classroom resources, transportation, utilities, and special opportunities for students.

The district has also proven to be great stewards of the funds that they ask of its taxpayers. It sought out private donations when it replaced the 1987 track at Alexander Stadium to save the district in excess of $600,000. It also refinanced the junior high construction cost, saving $1 million in taxpayer money, and it will be able to pay off the bond one year early in 2019. In addition, no locally funded initiatives were sought out for the construction of the three new K-5 buildings — eliminating the use of additional tax dollars to build these great new schools.

So, we are set to go to this community. Continue to say “yes” to investing in the lives of young people here with zero additional taxes. Through better facilities and services come better students and a stronger community, poised for tomorrow.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

— Joel and Traci Lyman